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Marble microwave drying machine-industrial drying machine

Place of Origin Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name ADASEN
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Product Features


1.systemically heating 2.heating rapidly and uniformmity
3.Technology advanced 4.Easy to control 5.saving energy

Marble microwave drying machine-industrial drying machine

In general,moisture requirements of chemical products is very low, such as ammonium chloride (1%), products purple (4%) in the

production process both has a drying program. Traditional crafts often use steam-heated drying, long production cycle, dry

and poor quality of some chemical products, such as copper sulfate, although the centrifugal dewatering, but there is still a small

amount of adsorbed water stained using conventional dry heating for the removal of this adsorbed water must be heated to the

evaporation of adsorbed water and copper sulfate materials, require more heat to complete the drying task.

The equipment used for powder, granular, pasty materials, rapid dehydration, such as lithium carbonate, nickel hydroxide, copper

sulfate pentahydrate, cobalt oxalate, Concha pure, green silicon carbide, ammonium paratungstate, lithium cobalt oxide,

nano-materials , the water content of 0.5% from 40% after drying, the drying time of only 5 to 6 minutes, the drying

temperature can be controlled at 50 °C ~ 90 °C.

Microwave heating feature:

1, Fast heating. Microwave heating is completely different with traditional heating mode. It makes heating medium

become heater, do not need heat transfer process. Although thermal conductivity is poor materials, also can

achieve heating temperature in a very short time.

2,Save energy and efficiency. Because materials contain water absorb microwave easily and fever, so in addition to

a small amount of transmission loss outside, almost no other loss, so high thermal efficiency, save energy.

3, Heating even. No matter how shape of each part of the body, microwave heating all can make the object and

evenly infiltration and electromagnetic wave list to produce the heat. So heating good uniformity, won't appear the

endogenous phenomenon focal.

4.penetrating the overall heating, microwave can penetrate materials internally, so that the material inside and outside at the same

time heating, the heating is very fast.

5.selective heating, microwave absorption capacity due to the different electrical characteristics of material media,water and

material media are different microwave priority role in the absorption ability of materials. The use of microwave heating

characteristics, not only can shorten the production cycle, improve product quality, but also energy-saving and can improve the

working environment, there is no dust pollution. Therefore, chemical products drying is the microwave heating and drying play


6.Craft is advanced, control easily. Microwave heating just have the basic conditions of water, electricity, as long

as control power, can realize microwave heating or terminate immediately, use microwave equipment can process

automation control of heating process and heating process specification.

7.Covers less area, safety and harmless. Because microwave can be controlled in made of metal heating indoor

and wave, so microwave leak is few, no radiation hazards and harmful gases, do not produce the waste heat and

dust pollution; Neither polluting food, also do not pollute the environment.

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