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Fully automatic bone microwave drying and extracting oil machine

Place of Origin Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name ADA SEN
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set/Sets
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Supply Ability 300 Set/Sets per Year

Product Features

Fully automatic bone microwave drying and extracting oil machine

This machine is a continuous tunnel type microwave equipment, fits for big batch production, this machine is used to dry bone, can get dried bone and the oil from the bone.


Energy efficient, simple operation, stable performance! Sterilization preservation mold: microwave heating

with thermal effects and biological effects, therefore, at a lower temperature to destroy the mold and sterilization;

Practice has proved that vitamin activity and food can save materials, color and nutrients, the device puffing effect,

fast drying, easy to operate equipment and high degree of automation advantages. In addition, the bactericidal effect

of the device is abnormal excellent (has been the validation of food-related sector), therefore, can fully satisfy the

deep-processing requirements of the meat, kelp, seaweed, fish, shrimp etc

Microwave drying characteristics:

(1) drying time is short, strong the smell of the product;

(2) drying temperature is low, uniform, bright color of the product;

(3) selective heating.

Because the water molecules in the microwave absorbing the best part of high water content, absorb more microwave

power than the water content of the lower part. This is the selective heating, the use of this feature can be uniform

heating and uniform drying; dehydration direction of water vapor from inside to outside. Therefore, microwave drying

has puffed role, and subsequent crushing of great help; energy efficient. Microwave is a direct role in the material,

thus no additional heat losses, furnace air and the container does not heat, so the high thermal efficiency, the

production environment is also significantly improved compared with the far-infrared heating can save 30% .

6 easy to control, advanced technology. Compared with the conventional methods, equipment, namely, that the use;

no thermal inertia, operational flexibility; microwave power adjustable. Microwave heating, drying, no wastewater, no

emissions, is a safe and harmless high-tech. Improve product quality, economic benefits!

Microwave sterilization features:

A, Microwave sterilization is a physical sterilization method, it does not need to add chemical preservatives, can kill

bacteria, mould and worm eggs, and virus harmful microbes, in the process of kill harmful organisms, will not

residue toxicology or radioactive materials on food,safety and harmless,also won't change food color and nutrition.

B,Under same temperature sterilization, sterilization time is short, do not need to preheating. Such as e. coli kill

time about 30 S. In the same sterilization condition, the temperature of the deadly bacteria is lower, and the

sterilization effect are remarkably.

C, Can sterilize whole sterilization for material outside and inside at the same time, greatly shorten the sterilization

cycle, and ensure the sterilization consistency.

D, Due to simultaneity of each part of material’s sterilization, sterilization time is short, can avoid the

long time heating and effect food good quality, especially for food that aren’t suitable for sterilizing in high

temperature or a long heating time.For example: volatile sweet essien components of ginger powder, contains

more moisture of fresh and tender jellyfish, etc. For not only keeping for color, smell, taste and same quality

requirements, etc,but also for material the need sterilize, using microwave sterilization can achieve the best effect.

E, Microwave sterilization can be divided into sterilizing before packaging and after packaging . Packaging

container can't use metal material, need medium material, generally with plastic flexible packaging or glass,

engineering plastic containers texture is advisable. To prevent from package expanding in microwave sterilization

process, Equipment can be in work pressure in the warehouse by reverse pressure sterilization process to prevent

the loss of package expanding.


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