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Microwave Spinach Sterilizing Machine / Horseradish Sterilization Machine/Dates Drying Sterilizer

Place of Origin Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name ADASEN
Certification CE
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set/Sets
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Microwave Drying Sterilization Machine
1. herb leaves dryer
2 fast drying(4~5minutes)
3 tunnel belt type,work continuously

Microwave Drying Sterilization Machine

I. Main Parameters

Power: 3 phases and 5 wires. 380V±10% 50Hz±1%

Microwave output frequency: 2450±50MHZ

Microwave power input: ≤56KVA

Microwave power output: ≥40KW

Ambient temperature: 5-40°C

Relative humidity: below80%

Position of input: At the top of the microwave cabinet

Microwave system cooling way: Magnetron (Air cooling)

Conveying speed: 0-10m/min

Temperature control range: 0-200°C

Dehydrated efficiency: 40kg/h

Overall dimensions(L*W*H): About 10680mm*1440mm*1750mm

Microwave leak: Accord with the national standard GB10436—89 of China

Equipment safety standards:(My company's standard below1MW/CM2)

Accord with the national electrical safety standard GB5226

II. Structure

1. This equipment adopts the contemporary most advanced multi-cavity multi-source framework, and it is equipped with made-to-order industrial microwave magnetron (Model 2M167B) which is Panasonic brand. This magnetron uses metal ceramic to seal pipe mouth, so it has high thermostability and perfect environmental performance. Also this equipment adopts high voltage capacitor (2500V/AC), original high flow cooling fan axis, high reliable air-cooled industrial microwave transformer which can withstand voltage 4300V, high pressure resisting silicon stack with 10KV and high reliable electronic circuit design in order to ensure the microwave output power (adjustable). The parameter's ratio and technological adjustment of all electrical equipment have been inspected practically by our microwave expert.

2. Heater for the box structure, continuous tunnel microwave heating system uses 1.5mm thick 304 #South Korea Pohang Stainless Steel matte board manufacturing, single-sided double frosted panel, microwave rack system uses 2mm thick stainless steel design and manufacturing process no skeleton. Seeks perfection in design and manufacture of the machine and ensure rigidity, fully in line with the requirements of GMP production equipment. Seeks perfection in design and manufacture of the machine and ensure rigidity, fully in line with the requirements of GMP production equipment.

3. In order to ensure the stability of the device in the microwave emission and continuous operation to achieve the quality of the product and production requirements, Will adopt the following measures:

(1) During the equipment manufacturing and processing it's not allow to have more than 1 mm gap between the box body and box body, diaphragm and suppressor of connections.

(2) Domestic microwave equipment between the casing and suppressor is the frequency of microwave 'lighter', according to the particularity of sterilization drying and must ensure the safety of production, based on our practice and successful experience, and we adopt special isolator interval isolation, effectively ensure the safety of the equipment for production.

(3) hydrofuge system and thermal dissipation system: the production line of wet system separately, force produced by heating the water vapor discharge quickly.

(4) Microwave generator set on top of a heating body, make the equipment overall compact structure, beautiful shape, smooth, cover an area of an area small. On physical properties of the material, design reasonable measure, make uniform microwave power density inside the heater, microwave broadband feed-in, from top to bottom make material is heated more evenly.

III. Features

The microwave drying sterilization machine, no matter from the overall design and main technical parameters and related automation control, achieved the international leading level.

1. This machine look from the outside surface, the whole machine structure smooth, beautiful, no exposed rivets, screws and other fasteners. Contact between panel and panel who have 'R' Angle, the machine without blind Angle, easy to clean, no chemical reactions or chemical adsorption and material interface, safe and reliable operation, accord with national food health and safety indicators, in line with the GMP standard.

2. Microwave heater in wave field: its precise design is the most important link, the efficiency of microwave in the standing wave ratio to 3 or less, effectively improve the efficiency of microwave heating. As microwave heater from more feed broadband feed into the mouth, so that the heated material can be directly to microwave energy, heat efficiency more than 15%, material heating uniformity of more than 20% higher.

3. Heating box set on the United States imported infrared radiation thermometer, ensure that the required temperature upper and lower limit setting, automatic power control heating temperature control device to prevent material heating shortage or overheating, ensure product finally quality.

4. Separate power control. Convenient maintenance operations.

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